Mean mower breaks the record

The Honda HF2622 is officially the world's fastest lawnmower. Returning a 0-100mph time in just a touch over 6 seconds, the specially tuned Honda ride on mower now holds the Guinness World record. 

The driver for the record was Jess Hawkins on a track in Dresden, Germany early last month. Guinness World Record Staff were on hand to officially adjudicate the attempt. The Mean Mower V2 averaged 0-100mph in just 6.29 seconds. It was driven by Jess Hawkins: stunt driver, kart and car racer. 

In order to secure the record, Mean Mower V2 also had to demonstrate that it could still do what it is actually designed for – cut grass - and rest assured that awesome finish that Honda's are renown was clearly demonstrated.