Stolen Generators - Recovered

Here's a short article to highlight the importance of warranty registration for your Honda Power Equipment products - especially generators.

Most people only register their warranty when something goes wrong - and if you have a Honda then it's likely you probably never will need your warranty! But warranties are more than just a back up if something goes wrong - they can also help the Police track down any stolen property.

This past month the NZ Police have been able to recover a whole bunch of stolen generators and engines - all based on the owner registering their product.

Generators that have been warranty registered were all returned to the owners of the product very quickly based on the details in our warranty register.  Specifically an eu20 and an eu22 were returned to their owners within a week - one owner didn't even know it had been stolen.

We have been told that there are some units that have been recovered, but have taken up to a year to make it back to the owner as the units had not been warranty registered

No registration means returns can take significantly longer to trace and sometimes they can be impossible to do so.

The best news this week was that we found the owner of a brand new HRU216M3 after only 5 days of searching, what exceptional good luck!

There is a Honda Power  “SNAP” account with the NZ Police, so when we hear of a stolen item, we can provide the Police with all the necessary information - product codes, engine numbers, chassis numbers - everything to do with the product...providing the warranty has been registered! 

If you have recently purchased a new Honda Power Generator, lawnmower or other, make sure your dealer has registered your details with us so your investment is protected.