B55H 1.5” High Pressure Pump

Honda's high pressure fire fighting pumps are a reliable and trusted brand of fire fighting equipment. Designed to pump water higher and further to fight fires from a safe distance.


The BM55H 1.5" is a pump for fire fighting, tank filling, water transfer, irrigation, and spraying. 


The B55 1.5" is strong and durable, manufactured with lightweight high grade corrosion resistant materials. With a large pump casing with raised suction port and inbuilt non-return valve for better priming capabilities. It features Computational Fluid Dynamics for superior performance and efficiency – it's a high pressure pump that can be relied on.

The super high head capability makes it a versatile pump for moving water around the farm, forestry block, lifestyle block or horticultural property.


Suitable for pumping clean non-aggressive liquids without solids or fibres in suspension.



Maximum water temperature


Minimum water temperature


Maximum ambient temperature


Maximum casing pressure


*For liquids outside of this range please consult your local Honda Dealer for product suitability. Engine performance greatly reduced with increased ambient temperature and/or altitude, for more information talk to your local Honda Dealer.

Pump UseHigh Pressure Water Pump
Product CodeB55H
Pump TypeHigh Pressure Water Pump
Displacement163 cc
Fuel TypeUnleaded
Oil AlertYes
Recommended Oil Type10W/30 API SG
Total Head63 m
Max Head63
Suction Head8 m
Max Discharge Capacity680 litres/min
Fuel Consumption1.4 litres/hour approx.
Hose Band/StainerNo
Continuous Duty3000 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)3.1 litres
Oil Capacity0.6 litres
Inlet1½’’ BSP (male)
Outlet2 x 1”, 1 x 1½” BSP (male)
Length530 mm
Width440 mm
Height550 mm
Dry Weight23.2 kg approx.
B55H 1.5” High Pressure Pump