Spring is here and the grass is going to be growing fast, so you will need a premium lawnmower to keep up with it.

We love a good looking lawn here in New Zealand, but achieving it can be hard work if you don't have the right mower.

Honda Lawnmowers are the 'right' mower. Our mowers are at the very top of what is being offered on the market and the results you get are evidence of that. If you haven't checked out our domestic range of lawnmowers, now is the time. Isn't it about time your lawn was the best on the street?

Here are some top tips for getting your spring lawn looking its best.


Get a de-thatcher or even easier, use a plastic rake and get rid of any dead grass, moss or leaves that are on your lawn. Removing these are important because they will choke your lawn. If your lawn is muddy or too wet, take it easy and be careful because you may do more damage.


Spring is a good time to get on top of any trouble areas on your lawn. Re-seed any bare spots. If the grass is dead, cut it out and re-seed asap. Seeding is also a good time to add some fertiliser - a slow release nitrogen will work here. Never fertilise in summer, it just burns the grass and kills it as the grass works too hard. 


The key to a good lawn is to move away from everyone and isolate yourself in a bubble because no matter what you do for your lawn unless your neighbor does too - you will get weeds. However, there is a solution, that doesn't require you to move. Right now is a good time to spray for weeds - be sure to get a lawn friendly herbicide! You can always dig out the weeds.


We don't do this much here in New Zealand, but it is crucial for a healthy lawn. We don't recommend going out and buying a professional aeration machine like they have at golf courses - all you need is a basic garden fork. Walk your lawn, forking holes every 10 cm or so and the difference will be amazing. You will get better and thicker grass coverage. You will get a better flow of water, oxygen, and the nutrients to see great grass growth.


After you aerate, adding fertiliser will fill those holes and spread the good stuff to your lawn. Don't just chuck it on, mow your lawn, then add it. Always read the bottle and get rid of the weeds first. Remember, they are plants too so they will also enjoy the fertiliser!


Most locations around New Zealand get enough water naturally, and with the rain and cold temps over winter, watering is usually not required. It's best to let your lawn green up by itself and only water it if there has not been any rain for some time.


First step - make sure you have a Honda Lawnmower - and that the grass has actually started growing again. As always, removing only a third of the grass should be the golden rule. Spring is also the best time to make sure you Honda Lawnmower has been serviced. Sharp blades make all the difference to getting the best finish for your lawn. If your blades are blunt the grass will be torn leaving brown, damaged tips.

Take advantage of Honda's Clip Director™ technology to put some nutrients back into the lawn by mulching occasionally as well.