Wattage Estimation Guide

Common Power Wattage

Remember: Don't just add up the total wattage for everything you want to power. See our section on power management to learn how to use a smaller generator to power more.

Please note: All of these wattage amounts are based on what an average appliance of the type indicated uses. This chart is intended to be used purely as a guideline. You will need to check your own appliances for actual amounts.

   Approximate Starting Wattage   Approximate Running Wattage
Fridge or Freezer1200130 - 200
Microwave: 650 watts10001000
                 800 watts13001300
                 1000 watts15001500
House lightsas indicated on bulb (e.g 60W)as indicated on bulb (e.g 60W)
Flat Screen TV: 30 inch 120120
Flat screen TV: 50 inch190190
Vacuum Cleaner800800
Electric Fry Pan15001500
Electric Range (20cm)21002100
Computer monitor3030
Hot water heater45004500
Garage door opener1420720
Hair Dryer (1600 watts)19001800
Campervan fridge600180
Slow cooker250250
DVD player350350
Portable fan12040
    Approximate Starting Wattage   Approximate Running Wattage
Air compressor 1/2 hp1600975
                       1 hp45001600
Bench grinder (20cm)25001400
Circular saw (7 1/4 inch)23001400
Demolition hammer12601260
Drills 3/8 inch 4 amps600440
Drills 1/2 inch 5.4 amps900600
Electric chainsaw (14 inch bar)11001100
Hand drill900600
High pressure washer (1 hp)36001200
Rotary hammer36001800
Table saw (10 inch)45001800
    Approximate Starting Wattage  Approximate Running Wattage
Electric Fence (40km)250250
Milk cooler18001100
Milker (vacuum pump, 2hp)35002300