Honda Safety

 The following safety information has been broken down into the following sections:

  • Safety through Technology and Innovation
  • Practical Safety
  • Mow-Safe Technology™



Honda is committed to providing safety for the operators and others in the vicinity of use, with the primary goal being to significantly reduce the risk of injury and allowing for the safest use of all Honda power equipment and lawn care products. Honda has a long record of industry leadership in the development of advanced safety technology in different product categories. Through technology and innovation, Honda has developed increased levels of protection. As a leader, Honda looks beyond government regulations and studies real world situations to develop its safety technology. What better reward could come from Honda's diligent research and tireless development efforts than the knowledge that the end result is "safety for everyone". 



All Honda Power Equipment comes with detailed safety checklists that all operators must read. They cover the following areas:

  • owner responsibility
  • protection clothing and devices
  • use around kids and animals
  • user fatigue
  • equipment checks before use
  • operation in difficult environments
  • safe storage

Remember, it is the owner/operators responsibility to fully understand the safety requirements before operating any Honda equipment.



One of Honda's most recent innovations is its Mow-Safe Technology™. Honda's all new mower range incorporates this latest safety feature to protect you and those nearby from potential hazards. The technology allows for the rotating blades in the mower to stop within 3 seconds of releasing the handle. The Mow-Safe Technology™ is available on models in the following two versions:

  • ENGINE BRAKE. Added safety with Honda's new Mow-Safe Technology™ – stops the blades and engine within 3 seconds upon release of the handle.
  • BLADE BRAKE. Added safety with Honda's new Mow-Safe Technology™ – stops the blades within 3 seconds upon release of the handle, whilst the engine continues to run.