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Honda Pumps excel in combustion efficiency resulting in high performance, less emissions and greater fuel economy through the commercial grade engines.

Professional Pumps

Water gets everywhere – there’s often no escape. Our powerful high flow rate pumps are designed to deal with large volumes of it: problem quickly solved.

Robust and durable, our high flow rate pumps are powered by our commercial grade GX engine. Equipped with specially-designed professional features, including the ability to deal with silt and sand, they’re perfect for use on construction sites or for clearing floodwater.


Built Tough 

Come rain or shine, our OHV 4-stroke engines won’t let you down. But especially come rain.

As you’d expect from a Honda, our water pump engines are reliable and have low emissions – automatic decompression makes them so quick and easy to start. To keep everything in check, they also have Oil Alert™. This prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe level.

For the Contractor & the Home User

Need to move water on the farm or just empty the swimming pool, Honda's range of water pumps have got you covered. Fuel Efficient, reliable and hard wearing.


Choose the Perfect Pump

Water in its Vanes

Many Honda pumps are designed with an abrasion-resistant cast iron volute and impeller. Our pumps also have specially designed vanes for a larger discharge capacity. This means they can move up to 1100 litres a minute – that’s the capacity of an average-sized swimming pool in under an hour and a half.


Low Vibrations
Anti-vibration straight engine rubber mounts reduce mechanical stress on the unit, so it hums away nicely without juddering or making a racket.

The Honda Advantage

The Leader of Reliable, Quiet and Fuel-efficient Power

Current Pump Offers

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Pump Catalogue Out Now
Pump Catalogue Out Now
Save on a range of Honda water, trash and high pressure pumps.

A Water Tight Warranty

Honda pumps have a well earned reputation for reliability and durability. Honda products are tested extensively and manufactured using the best quality materials.

Our pumps offer dependable performance and keep on running year after year. Remember: If you buy cheap, you will buy twice.


Frequently Asked Questions

A transfer pump is one that moves clean water from one source such as a creek to a tank or trough.

A trash pump is a heavy duty pump that can pump water with solids in it up to a certain size. They tend to be larger and flow a high amount of water compared to a transfer pump. 

Don't get caught out by other brands "semi-trash" pumps as these often can't deal with the particulates a true trash pump can. 

Fire fighting pumps or high head pumps have low volume but pump to a much higher discharge head than other pumps. They may be a single impellor or twin impellor design.

Total head is both suction head and discharge head added together, or the total distance from the water source to the destination to which you are pumping.

The distance the pump water inlet is from the water source.

The vertical distance from the water source to the discharge point.

As a rule for every 10m of horizontal distance of hose used, you lose 1m of discharge head. So depending on which pump you are looking at, it may mean it can’t pump the full distance you are expecting due to friction in the hose.  

It is not recommended to reduce down a larger pump to a smaller hose as it will put extra load on the mechanical seal, impellor and the motor which could lead to damage of those parts.

Talk to your local Honda Power dealer.