Whilst on Holiday in beautiful and sunny Gisborne, one of our sales team ordered a healthy drink from Early Bird Organics at the local market. Out back was the super handy and super powerful - the EU30iK 'Handy' Honda portable generator. It even has the term Handy in its very own product name so you know it has to be just that - handy!

The owners of this unit only purchased it last week and were already besotted with it. In order for a portable generator to be successful for their business it needed to be two things - portable and quiet. The EU30iK ticked both of those boxes so it was a very easy decision for them to get one for their food truck.

Not only is the unit easy to move and exceptionally quiet, the new owners were also extremely impressed by how economical it was to run. The EU30iK portable generator has a 5.9 litre fuel tank that will give you 7.7 hours of operation in Eco mode. That's a run time that can't be beaten.

This portable generator puts out 3000w of power, which is more than enough to run a wide range of appliances and it's still small enough to fit into the boot of your car! 

Research online for the best generator lead them right to Honda - if you are interested in a new portable generator visit our find a dealer page now and get the very best in portable power there is.